Growing, protecting, and harvesting wheat crops requires advanced knowledge of the agricultural elements. Working with our team of Food Science Professionals and Agricultural Seed producers and their advanced methods with Farmers, we strive to meet or exceed our Customers expectations, as they'll produce a crop that our milling companies are able to blend proprietary flour products for use in our products.  TitanSnack Foods, LLC and its team members have a rich understanding of agricultural environments as well as natural elements. With our Professional Services group, our Private Label Products team works with our Private Label Customers to get a better understanding of each step of the their product needs and their marketing platforms by utilizing our proprietary blends of flour and production resources to develop new and innovative products for consumers. 

Our Private Label team will work with our Customers to determine how to best develop products to achieve their quality Private Label Program, and will include support for marketing innovations and digital & social marketing resources to improve the marketing and overall sell-thru of their quality Private Label Products.

We work smart with our Customers, as our team has developed packaging idea's and strives to exceed the development and applications of new packaging innovations, being able to achieve freshness of packaged products and to increase the shelf life stability.  



About Titan SnackFoods, LLC

Providing Private Label Customers the development and production of Quality Baked Food Products.

Titan SnackFoods, LLC

Production Team for the Original Baked Toasted Pita Cracker


Private Label Snack & Baked Goods

Control over pricing of the product/service, and being able to put forth the Retailers own ideas on marketing plans, can create personalized image which in turn leads to higher customer loyalty, higher control on production, marketing, distribution and profits, along with Customer inputs, logos, and tag lines.

In the marketplace today, with consumers changing preference - it is the drive towards private label products. Retailers with pretty good private label brands will be able to create better sales opportunities for themselves.

They can build value and recognition from the customers. Private brand products allow retailers to differentiate their products from competitors' products, and provide consumers with an alternative to other brands.


Proprietary Seasoning Blends

Our goal is to offer quality seasoning blends that will impact the flavor profile of each our Products. Our goal is to build flavor profiles with our proprietary seasoning blends as the flavor profiles add to our quality products for retailers.

Our "Better for you Snacks"  offer quality seasoning blends that are preferred by consumers looking for quality snacks with great tasting flavors!

 Proprietary Flour & Ingredient Blends for Quality Products


Our proprietary blends of flour bring a superior quality product to the marketplace! Consumers know quality products and each of our products start with the farmers who plant the seeds!


 Seed & Grain Milling Suppliers

We have a great relationship with our seed producer and their distributors, along with our Grain & Milling Suppliers to provide us our proprietary blended products.